About Us


Our Company Began in 2011 with a Vape Store in Port Charlotte Florida. We gained notoriety within the first year for our premium quality Eliquids. Not only were we a local sensation but people drove from surrounding counties to purchase our products. It was important to us as a business to not only provide an amazing product but to also make it affordable to everyone. In a short period of time we were nominated for several business awards, including" Business of the Year". As our popularity grew we made the decision to extend our amazing products and wholesale prices throughout the United States, launching an online store. It's been an honor to assist people with quitting smoking and changing lives. We are passionate about what we do and are extremely involved in our Vape Community. In 2016 we opened another retail location in Fort Myers Florida as we felt there was a real need in the Lee County area for affordability. And we are happy to announce that has been another success for us. Our Company has grown over the last few years globally, standing on Integrity, Quality, Customer Service, Affordability and Timely shipping.



On a Personal Note 

This story begins for me with a 30 year battle with myself to quit smoking cigarettes. As a single mother with 4 boys my greatest fear was lung cancer and leaving my kids alone to fend for theirselves too soon in this life. And although my fear was great, the urge to smoke was stronger. Smoking seems to be what I felt kept me sane thru life ups and downs. I truly felt like I would never be able to quit smoking. My best friend Debby of many years was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed fairly quickly after that. And although she was about 10 years older than me, my fear of cancer grew into anxiety. Dealing with anxiety only made my desire to quit smoking greater which caused me to smoke more. I went from smoking a pack a day to a pack and a half, sometimes two. It was a vicious cycle. About a year after I lost my best friend and confidant I moved to Florida with my children. One of the best things that happened to me, as moving here I stumbled across one of the very first Vape stores. I walked in not knowing what to really expect as I have tried the gas station ecigs, which where and epic fail. To my surprise I was recommended a vape system that would give me more satisfaction than the little fake cigarettes I had tried previously. Surprisingly they worked for me. I was soo excited and couldn't believe I was able to give up smoking. Truely grateful I became an advocate and began raving to everyone about these systems. But I did find as a single mother with a limited income that it was somewhat costly. So I decided to put my degree in business and chemistry into good use and design a product of premium quality that would be much more affordable. The second benefit of giving up the cigarettes is the money you could save. So I made that my mission. After much research and many months of planning I opened a Vape store that offered very low cost Eliquids and incorporated those Eliquids into my online store offering wholesale prices to ALL retail customers throughout the United States and around the globe. And most importantly I felt it extremely important that all ingredients in our products are made and manufactured here in the Unites States. Safety and Quality is of upmost importance to me. 

Thanks for your support. I love each and everyone of you.


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