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Our Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we always take it seriously. Earning and keeping your trust is imperative to us. We have every intention to make clear what information we collect from interacting with you, what ways this information is used as well as protected, and you may be able to control its use. This statement has been prepared to disclose the privacy practices of Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. In using this website, you are in agreement without limitation or qualification, and bound by what is contained in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy adheres to the information collected by Vape Junkie Ejuice Eliquids INC.. on this website, but it does not apply to the information you may send by other such means.


Our Privacy Policy may possibly change in the future, and should this occur, these changes will be communicated and published here. Should this be important to you, please check back in the future. Who may use this website: This website, and its products are not designed or intended for use by people under the age of 18/21, depending on the state laws of the individual. The materials on this site are not intended to attract underage users by any means. Through our data collection efforts, we do not collect data of individuals under the 18/21 legal age, and we instruct such individuals under this age limit not to direct any information our way, as well depending on individual state laws regarding such access to adult subject matter.* This site is intended for use by persons in the USA. Users from other countries and locations are not advised to disclose ANY personal information on this site. Any information and data transmitted is sent to a server located in the State of Florida, and it is entirely subject to the laws of the United States and the State of Florida. Should you send any data and/or personal information to this website, you are in agreement of being bound by the United States and the laws of the State of Florida.


Information collected from you: The types of information that we may collect from you varies, depending on the manner in which you use our website. It is entirely possible to browse through our entire site without submitting any of your personal information. There are instances however, where you will be requested and/or asked to provide certain items of personal information, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, etc. In addition to the information you choose to submit, our systems are programmed to collect data anonymously for our own research and development initiatives. We do this to better understand how customers use the site, and how we may improve upon it in the future. The data gets automatically gathered and can include any of the content viewed on the site.


How your information is used: Our website utilizes “cookies,” which are small files that we send to and store on your computer. This enables us to recognize your machine as unique, for your future visits on the site. This informs us you are a prior customer, and this enables us to customize your experience to what we feel will be most useful to your specific needs. Additionally, companies offering other products or services through our site may be using their own cookies. Your personal information, which you provide is used to help customize your visit to our website. For instance, your email address identifies you immediately in our record database, and it is used in conjunction with a password to prevent unauthorized access to any of your personal information stored on our site. Furthermore, additional data you provide us with, such as your personal preferences and identifying demographics like your age, ZIP code, occupation, etc, may be used by us to offer additional products, advertisements, content, and services that we feel will be a benefit to you. We use your personal information when responding to requests you make of us, and there is the possibility of occasionally referring to this information to better understand your needs, as well as to help us improve our website’s offerings, our products, and the services we offer. We also may use this personal information to contact you, and/ or to offer general promotions, news, and other such types of information. We may also share this information with other companies who offer products and services we feel may be beneficial, or of interest to you. It is also possible that we may enhance, or merge this information using data obtained via 3rd parties under the same guidelines. Unless you explicitly specify a preference of wishing not to hear future communications from us, we may also use the email address you have given during registration to contact you for future promotional or administrative purposes. Should you choose to terminate these communications, we ask that you notify us, and after this it will likely take 48 hours to go into full effect. Regarding the information automatically collected by our system is used to further understand how to make our website more convenient and accessible to our customers, as well as to improve our services and products. The information gathered falls along the lines of your computer’s IP address, which browser you use, and a record of your navigation history on our site, and this is done simply for company betterment. It is our ultimate goal to help offer products, services, content, promotions, and advertisements that will appeal and be beneficial to you. We may link information we collect from you through a variety of different means, including that which is collected automatically and through the use of cookies, and personal information. Your Choices Regarding the Use of Your Personal Information: * You can always choose not to provide personal information, even though it might be needed to take advantage of Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. offers or website features. * You can add or update certain information that you send to us. When you update information, we usually keep a copy of the prior version for our records. * If you do not want to receive e-mail or other mail from us or if you wish to check your personal information, please contact us by email at Access to Your Personal Information: Should the event occur that Vape Junkie Ejuice  INC. and/or some of our assets are sold, transferred, or are used as security, the personal information we have collected on our website may possibly be transferred to third parties as a part of that transaction. This has the potential to entail Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. providing personal information, or providing access to any of our affiliated businesses, and/ or business partners. While Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. has no intention to reveal any of your personal information to third parties in any manner not stated in our Privacy Policy, we may use your personal information when replying to you, and when sending information to you. Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. will possibly provide aggregated information we receive from you to additional third parties, however we do take strong, commercially-accepted precautions in preventing this information provided from including your personal information. Should Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. be requested by officials of law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide personal information on individual users, without your consent, Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. may provide this information. Should there arise matters of personal or public safety, or in this case of litigation where this specific data is pertinent, Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. may disclose, or use your personal information without your consent or court process.


Will Your Personal Information Be Secure? It is perfectly understood that you may be concerned regarding the security of your personal information, and Vape Junkie Ejuice INC. recognizes this. We are fully committed to using reasonable, commercially accepted technology to protect the security of our website, however it should be made clear that no website, nor software is 100% secure. We take appropriate measures to protect the safety of your information from loss, alteration, misuse, destruction, and when applicable, we request that any third parties who may come into contact with your personal information take comparable measures to do the same in protecting your security.


Our Privacy Policy and Outside Links: This Privacy Policy applies only to this website. Our website may contain links to other sites out of our control. You should be aware that these sites may also collect personal information about you, and they operate not necessarily by the same privacy practices we adhere to. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility, and in your best interest to consult that website’s particular privacy policy, as once you leave this website, any of the information you submit, or gets collected by other means is not in our control. Should You Have Questions Regarding Our Privacy Policy: If you should have questions or comments regarding our privacy practices, feel free to use the contact us form.

This policy was updated last on 11-15-16

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