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Thank you for your interest in Vape Junkie Ejuice . We strive for the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. 

At Vape Junkie Ejuice ALL of our ingredients are made here in the USA. We use pure raw ingredients allergen free and 100% food grade.

Please see Nicotine Warnings for information on Nicotine.

Base Blends :

We offer a wide variety of custom base blends to accomodate everyones preferences.

Vegetable Gylcerin is used in base for more of a cloudy vape production. Please note that Vegetable Gylcerin is often known as VG and although it produces a heavier vape it does not marry as with flavoring. So higher VG content will slightly alter your flavor and possiably weaken it. Steeping times are longer with these higher levels.

Proplene Gylcol often known as PG is used in base for more of a throat hit. The more PG in your base blend the less vape production it produces. PG marries much better with flavoring, making it more robust with less steeping time.

When placing an order and unsure of what blend works well with you, please contact us either by phone, chat or the contact us form.

All of our orders, with the exception of 5ml samples, are custom made. So some steeping may be required.


What is Steeping?

Steeping is process of letting the ejuice rest for a period of time to improve the flavor of the juice. This is very much like letting good wine age. There are numerous ways to steep and everyone has a different way to do it. Though two things are required for proper steeping: patience and experimentation. Ejuice is a mixture of some or all five components: PG, VG, Nicotine, alcohol flavoring and water. When freshly made or stored on shelf for extended period of time, the denser component may separate and sink to the bottom. When shaking the bottle during steeping, you are homogenizing the mixture.

When to steep?

Steeping aims to improve the flavor of your juice. If you already love the your juice as is, then there is no need to steep. Vape away. Why delay your happiness? However, steeping tend to change the flavor of the juice for the better. So if the flavor is not to your liking or you are curious how your juice may change after steeping, experiment a little can improve the flavor of your juice.

Slow Steeping

Steeping requires patience. The simplest method to steep is like having a retirement account, let it sit. Check in once in a while, and let it sit some more.

Step 1: Give the bottle a good shake. And we mean shake it! Ejuice is very viscous, so lots of shaking is required for mixing.

Step 2: Light can degrade the juice flavors so find a cool and dark place to store your juice. We recommend your closet.

Step 3: Come back after a week, give it another good shake. Repeat. After about two or three weeks, you are welcome to do a flavor test. Not happy yet? Let it sit some more. You can steep for months as long as you don’t pass the expiration date on the juice.

What happen after steeping?

After the steeping period the juice flavor will change. This is the desired effect. The flavor of the juices will be deeper and smoother. You’ll also notice that the color of the juices may change as well. The color change is the result of nicotine getting oxidized by oxygen in the air. Whether you leave the bottle open or not, there will still be oxidization.


Aside from trying different steeping time for each juice, there are a few more things you can try as well.

Let it breathe!

While steeping, you can leave the cap off. Leaving the cap off will let the liquid breathe and the more volatile liquid (i.e. alcohol flavoring) will vaporize away. So this while you steep if your juice flavor was a too potent.

Add heat

You can add heat to the speed up the steeping process. High temperature will allow the liquid to be less viscous and therefore mix faster. The simplest way to add heat to the steeping process is to let the bottle sit in a warm water bath.

Step 1: Shake them bottles!

Step 2: Let the bottle of juices sit in a bowl of warm water

It’s important to use only warm water. Nicotine does not fare well in hot water.

Step 3: Wait for the water to cool to room temperature then replace the cooled water with new warm water. We recommend to repeat the steps above several times before putting the bottles away somewhere cool and dark. You can shorten the steeping period by about a week or two with this technique.

Want to be Fast and Furious?

Some redditors have found ways to continuously applying heat to the bottles for several days using a slow cooker, coffee mug warmer, or leave the bottles next to a laptop GPU vent. If you continuously apply heat to the bottles for days, you can shorten the steeping process from weeks down to several days. Just make sure to check the water level, water temperature, and shake the bottle once in a while. After a day or two, test the flavor.

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